Diversity Program at EuRuKo 2017

Hello there fine folks, hope you are having a great summer!

As EuRuKo is organized by community volunteers each year, we feel it is important to make it as accessible as possible to everyone. This is why we want to offer a bunch of diversity tickets for free and also support the selected applicants by covering their travel and accommodation cost.*

(Important to note, that VISA costs and administration has to be done by the applicant!)

Who can apply?

Are you one of those, who are socially less privileged or who are underrepresented in technology? Are you a student, or a beginner who feels uncertain whether they are ready to attend a conference? And are you passionate about Ruby and the community?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES, you can apply for a diversity program.

With the program we’d like to support members of less privileged or underrepresented groups who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend EuRuKo for financial, social or any other reasons. This includes (but is not limited to): people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, women and disabled people.

Don’t forget since our resources are limited we can only offer a limited number of available places for the program.


To apply, fill out this form.

The application process starts on 22nd of June and ends on 16th of July.

(All of your answers will be available only to us, the conference organizers. We won’t be giving this data to anyone else.)

We’d kindly like to ask all of you to do not try to abuse the program in hope for a free entrance. We really would like to create an opportunity to those who do not have the chance to attend the conference otherwise.

*Travel and accommodation cost are only covered if the applicant chooses from the list of accommodations provided by the organizers and the travel tickets are also approved by the organizers.