Thank you
2017-10-18 18:00 Daniella Varga
As all good things organizing and attending EuRuKo2017 had come to an end.
The two most common vulnerabilities in Rails (with code)
2017-10-13 16:00 Benoit Larroque
Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks used to create web applications. Although it’s quite safe to use, it’s not perfectly secure.
EuRuKo 2017 Official Afterparty
2017-09-28 09:30 Daniella Varga
The response for this year’s EuRuKo is outstanding! To spend even more time with you we well continue the well known habit of official afterparties.
Lightning talks
2017-09-28 09:00 Guilherme Pasqualino
Do you have an interesting idea or a funny anecdote and you want to join our speakers on the stage? Then send us your lightning talk proposal.
Take EuRuKo home in 7 easy steps
2017-09-27 14:00 Euruko team
Bring EuRuKo 2018 to your city in 7 easy steps
Using Heroku's Expensive Query Dashboard to Speed up your App
2017-09-23 09:00 Richard Schneeman
I recently demonstrated how you can use Rack Mini Profiler to find and fix slow queries. It’s a valuable tool for well-trafficked pages, but sometimes the slowdown is happening on a page you don't visit often, or in a worker task that isn't visible via Rack Mini Profiler. How can you find and fix those slow queries?
Two Welcome Side Effects of Webpack in Rails
2017-09-19 10:00 Amin Shah Gilani
I began working with the back-end with Node, back in the Node v0.10.x days when the React vs. Angular debate was very new and very, very hot. I was getting very tired of copying boilerplate code when someone introduced me to Ruby on Rails 4, and the idea of convention over configuration. A few months later, I was hooked. It was suddenly like being able breathe freely. Writing back-end code becomes quick and trivial.
Container-Ready Rails 5
2017-09-12 18:00 Richard Schneeman
Rails 5 will be the easiest release ever to get running on Heroku.
PARTY sponsorship package has arrived
2017-08-22 18:00 Kata Lázár
We are happy to announce that the sponsorship package for the EuRuKo2017 party has arrived.
Budapest, We Love You – Our Recommendations To Discover The City
2017-07-26 12:00 Daniella Varga
It’s a real honour to be hosting the EuRuKo Conference here in Budapest. It’s no secret that we love this city (I guess we’re a bit biased!) but we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it too. So that you can get the most out of your trip to Budapest, we’ve pulled together our favourite things to do in and around the city.
Diversity Program at EuRuKo 2017
2017-06-21 17:00 Daniella Varga
We are releasing our Diversity Program so we can make the conference as accessible as possible to everyone.
Welcome to Budapest!
2017-06-15 17:00 Daniella Varga
We have a series of posts coming up to help you get the best out of your trip to Budapest for this year’s conference.