As all good things organizing and attending EuRuKo2017 had come to an end. We really enjoyed organizing this amazing event, the fun and the less fun parts both (maybe the less fun parts a little bit less :) )

Now that EuRuKo 2017 is few weeks behind us and everyone had the chance to get back to their normal ways, the time to say goodbye has come. This is the final blog post from the team behind the 2017 edition of EuRuKo.

Here are some post conference goodies and a look to the future:


You missed something? Fear not! The videos of all the talks will be available on YouTube. We are currently uploading all the materials so we recommend you to subscribe to the channel so you won’t miss any updates.


The afterworks on the photos are still on, but stay tuned because we will upload them soon here.


We will be retiring all mails and mailing lists by the end of 2017. If you need to contact us – do it now. 🙂

EuRuKo 2018

In 2018 EuRuKo will be visiting the magical city of Vienna. For the latest news keep following @euruko on Twitter.

Thank you

We would like to thank again our sponsors who helped us make this event happen: Catawiki and Heroku as our Unicorn sponsors; Fyber, and Toptal as our Puma sponsors; Deliveroo as our after party sponsor and Digital Natives for the support during the organization.

We are Amr Abdelwahab, Ádám Madácsi, Balázs Varga, Daniella Varga, Zoltan Szabó and it was an honor to host EuRuKo 2017. A huge THANK YOU to everyone for making these sweet memories possible – sponsors, supporters, speakers, attendees and volunteers. All of you are awesome! 🙇

It would mean a lot to us if you could share your thoughts and feedback about the conference with us. You can fill this short survey and make a place in our hearts. ♥️