EuRuKo 2017 Official Afterparty

The response for this year’s EuRuKo is outstanding! To spend even more time with you we well continue the well known habit of official afterparties.

On Friday (29th of September) evening we will host an official afterparty for the conference. We would like to encourage you to join as there will be the official pitching ceremony for next years conference host contest.

Some details about the party


Starting time is 8pm

Venue: Ankert Ruin Pub, Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 33, 1061

Anker’t, hiding under Paulay Ede Street 33. is one of the largest downtown beergardens, and the summer projection of Anker Klub. The parent club’s usual style, two courtyards, and a large projector await guests. In the evening, the hottest underground DJs spin the records, and there are regularly held slam poetry evenings for those blessed with greater cultural sensitivity. Anker’t is characterized by tasty foods, minimalist design and a unique atmosphere, and four-legged guests are welcome, as well.

How can you take EuRuKo home?

We recently published a blog post on the process which you can find here.


A special thanks to Deliveroo our main party sponsor, who helped us make this party even cooler! Don’t forget them when you are drinking your first free booze :D

See you in just one and a half day!