Take EuRuKo home in 7 easy steps

Bring EuRuKo 2018 to your city in 7 easy steps


  1. Prepare the raddest presentation of your city*
  2. Come to EuRuKo 2017
  3. Register for presentation
  4. Come to the after-party on Friday where the contest will take place
  5. Present in front of everyone for 180 seconds**
  6. (Im)patiently wait until the closing ceremony for final results
  7. Rejoyce that a. you will be hosting a conference! b. you will be traveling to another city next year, when you can try again!


* Preparation can happen any time before the time of presentation, even after registering ;) You can also opt to go without a presentation (not recommended).

** Make sure to have the presentation on a flash drive, or to have sent it to us at hi@euruko2017.org with the subject “EuRuKo 2018”

*** A simple slideshow of pictures is a good presentation, no need to overdo it.