PARTY sponsorship package has arrived

We are happy to announce that the sponsorship package for the EuRuKo 2017 party has arrived.

This year Anker’t will give place to the party, which is one of the most famous venues in Budapest. We would like to organize an unforgettable and an extraordinary event, so we decided to offer a package to the would-be sponsors for the party as well.

So the terms and the benefits of the package would be:

  • A large banner in the party venue provided by the sponsor. A slide in the slideshow, which would be running through the venue during the whole party expect the next year’s Euruko city voting. The content should be provided by the sponsor. A mention in the party blogpost on EuRUKo 2017’s offical website
  • The party sponsors also has the opportunity to insert one item into the conference goodie bag
  • Appearance on our sponsors page on Euruko2017’s official website
  • Appearance on the party flyer with a logo, which will be in each goodie bag and also distributed in the conference venue during the event
  • One twitter announcement about sponsoring the party on EuRuKo’s official twitter channel using the twitter handle of the sponsor company
  • 2 conference entry tickets for free

For the above-mentioned benefits, the PARTY sponsorship package is €5000 (+VAT if applicable).

If you like our benefits and would like to help us organising Europe’s biggest annual Ruby conference, then do not hesitate to contact us! We have only two packages available, so if you or your company would like to be one of the two PARTY sponsors, you should definitely write us today!