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By supporting EuRuKo you help us make the event an unforgettable experience for the community.
As a sponsor you get the opportunity to reach an international crowd of talented developers.
Review our packages and learn how your company can benefit from sponsoring the event.

€ 2.250*
€ 5.500*
€ 7.500*
€ 10.000*
Exhibit Space** From €1500 From €1500 2x2 meters 3x3 meters
Rollup banner in Sponsors Hall +€750
Rollup banner near the Main Stage
Goodie bag inserts 2 items 3 items 4 items
Your logo on the conference badges
Your logo on the dedicated Sponsors page in the Conference Booklet
Additional appearance in the Conference Booklet
(half page)

(full page)
Logo on sponsors slide in post-conference videos of the talks
Dedicated slide during conference breaks +€750 +€500
Link included in the footer of all conference emails
Highlighted monochrome logo in the footer of all conference emails
Your logo on the dedicated Sponsors webpage
Your company description on the dedicated Sponsors webpage
Twitter promotion - we will announce your company sponsorship in 3 tweets
Company mention in a shared "thank you" blog post about our Webrick sponsors
Company mention in a "thank you" blog post
Dedicated blog post

Conference Passes 2 3 4 6
Limitation on the number of availability of the sponsorship package
* VAT is not included
** Equipment shall be provided by the sponsors for themselves.